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You can only look in the mirror so long – giving yourself daily pep talks before the words start to fall flat, and you realize YOU NEED MORE. As women, we crave authenticity and alliances as much as we long for affirmation. We dont go to the bathroom alone, so why would we want to work alone?

On-trend and essential, Real Boss Women is the "little black dress" of organizations for women in the real estate ecosystem, and women business owners who aren't just 'side-hustling' but want to scale their businesses.

Our community of powerhouse women are authentic and unapologetic about their desire to be the “BOSS” by getting REAL about their business, asking questions, getting answers, celebrating successes, and overcoming obstacles as one.

Head Boss Joanne recently opened up and shared her top 10 boundaries for avoiding burnout.  Want the secrets?

Heck Yes. That's Me. Gimme the goods!

We're women from all walks and stages of life, all brokerages and all different types of direct to consumer businesses who cheer each other on while navigating past everything from bad hair days to the heartbreak of terminated contracts together. Most importantly, we:

  • Kick each other in the A$$, whenever needed.
  • Value Connections NOT COMPETITION!
  • Know that self-care is critical, not optional
  • Ask big questions
  • Have fun
  • Work hard, play harder
  • Keep an eye on the ultimate goal of personal and professional GROWTH.

Why merely ACT all bougie when we can lift each other up to the lifestyle we not only want, but deserve, girl!

Yup, THIS is My Tribe! Show Me Where I can Meet Up With The Besties!

The REAL Woman Behind It All: Meet Joanne Bolt!

Our Resident #Boss is a Top Real Estate Producer, Natural Born Leader, Premier Business Owner, Respected Speaker & Mentor. She Founded This of a One-of-a-Kind organization for Women Driven to Succeed – Whether You’re a Solo Agent with a Baby on Your Hip or a High-Level Broker-Owner with a CEO Mindset.


She asks the big questions

  • ""How do you give yourself permission to be a stay at home mom AND build the career you desire?"
  • "How do you  scale and stay profitable?"
  • "How do you build generational wealth?"
  • "What's your mindset relationship with money?"
  • "How can leverage create the work and life balance you crave?"

"It’s not about telling you how to reach MY success, it’s about sharing how to reach YOUR success.”

Get to Know Your Head BOSS in Charge!

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  • Cliques are EPIC Masterminds Built for Women in Real Estate & Women Entrepreneurs with families who are ready to officially STOP apologizing, playing small & struggling to succeed. We've got ya, girl!!

    11-Weeks | Small-Groups (18 spots | surrounded by BOSS Women working as hard as you are  |  No Bullsh*t  |  No Competition |
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You don't have to be a "B-Word" to be a BOSS. Joanne's 2x Weekly Podcast proves that...

This is the place where SH*T gets real, and no topic is off-limits.  Joanne dives in DAILY to give inspriational and motivational tips, answer questions from agents like YOU, and interviews top producers from around the world.  Here, she focuses on:

  • Systems that Scale (because without those you don't have a sustainable business)
  • Plan to Profit Strategies & Systems
  • Motivation and Mindset
  • Marketing Your Business
  • Branding & Strategy
  • Vision and Goal-Setting
  • Taking care of YOU first (aka self care)
  • Making it Rain To Build Your Empire
  • Special guests monthly

If you have a question you want us to answer live on our next episode? And to get the first-alert when new episodes drop weekly:

Text -->"bword" to 678.736.8055!

If you’re ready to find your tribe, own your BOSSiness, crush it as an women Realtor and most of all to STOP apologizing for... well for literally anything; The B-Word is the podcast for you!

Grab A Glass & Tune In!

You don't have to be a "B-Word" to be a BOSS.

This is the place where SH*T gets real, and no topic is off-limits. Have a question you want us to answer live on our next episode? Text the word TIPS to 678.736.8055!

If you’re ready to find your place, own your BOSSiness, crush it as an entrepreneur and stop apologizing for the obstacles you’ve had to overcome along the way, our podcast is the one for you!

Grab A Glass & Tune In!


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