Stop Playing Small. 

You'll Never Be The Boss That Way

Slow your roll with jumping into every free CE class you can find, wasting time on boring meetings that teach you nothing, and come find out how the REAL women in Real Estate make the magic happen.

The C-Suite is a virtual day of amazing learning opportunities.  Join us for interviews & actionable advice from power house women agents, brokers, loan officers, and entrepreneurs who serve the Real Estate Ecosystem.  These women are on the ground, doing the work, and building their empires. Listen live or binge-watch the replays.  You can buy it by the month, or grab a yearly bundle with extras. 

July 12, August 9, October 18, November 8, December 13, January 10 (2023) 

*Dates subject to change


Pour the Bubbly and Let's Make Magic Happen

Why The C-Suite?

You're busy.  You're running around in those stilletos and really want to be sitting in your PJs.  But the business never stops and you don't either. 

So the real question is this: How do other women manage it all?  Juggle their work, their kids, their families, their houses?  

When you join us for a C-Suite meeting, you'll find out how.  

We'll tackle limiting beliefs head on, call you to the carpet on your excuses and smack the negative attitudes in the head.  

There is no one way of doing Real Estate.  There's no magic easy button.  Real Estate is so easy it's hard.  Give yourself permission to step out of somebody else's comfort zone and build a business YOU want and crave.  

Preach it Sister! Let's Go!

July C-Suite


  • Access to the July 12th C-Suite Live Stream and Replays for 30 days

Yearly Access


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  • Access to the next 12 months of Live Streams and Replays
  • Access to replays from Focus Conference 2022
  • Bonus material we think you'll find interesting

Joanne Bolt

Headboss at Real Boss Women


Join Jo for a cup of coffee & chat about the upcoming day, get insider tips on what you'll be hearing and submit questions for her to answer! The live chat will be rolling and ready!

Tina Believau

eXp Icon Agent


Why you're missing the boat if you don't have a Facebook Client Group.  Tina created her several years ago and today she gives insight into what works, what doesn't, and what you should consider

Jenny Friday

Social Media Marketing for Realtors


Jenny is jumping in and sharing the top 10 mistakes Realtors make on social media.  How to avoid them, and best practices to make your social a solid strategy to grow your business.  Her tips are useful for both Realtors and Mortgage Officers!

Katie Day

Owner of the Move Me To Tx Team


Katie is a queen of creating videos for Instagram that engage her clients and create a steady stream of business.  Join us for a candid convo on why she chose Instagram, what her strategy is, & where she sees it going in the future. 

Joanne Bolt

Founder, Real Boss Women


The wrap!  Join the chat & find out what the biggest takeaways of the day were, and listen in as I answer viewer questions. You know you'll have some and this is your time to engage, connect with the rest of the besties and get your social media strategy rolling. 

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