Stop Delivering the Expected

No Bullsh*t canned speaches your agents have all heard before.  "We've always done it this way" is not in my vocabulary and it shouldn't be in yours.

Put me in front of your people in a small room or big stage.  I'm good with either.  But only when you want to give your audience the real deal of what it's like to run their business.  Get ready for tons of A-HA moments, laughable quotes, and implementable takeaways for both your personal and professional self. 

Pour the Bubbly and Let's Make Magic Happen

Every day women attend classes or conferences on how to run their business

But do they implement?  Does anything change?

Buckle Up Buttercup because my style of speaking is hgh energy, no B.S. and no sugar coating it.  We'll tackle limiting beliefs head on, call you to the carpet on your excuses and smack the negative attitudes in the head.  

There is no one way of being an entrepreneur.  There's no magic easy button.  This truly is so easy it's hard.  Give yourself permission to step out of somebody else's comfort zone and build a business YOU want and crave.  

Preach it Sister! Let's Go!

"Joanne created an immersive experience for our agents.  She is passionate and believes in the power of Real Estate as a sustainable business and how to use social media to create that.  Our office has requested to have her back again!"

Brittney Thomas, Keller Williams

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