I'm a southern girl with a snarky attitude, podcaster, educator, and Realtor with big visions!
Very into: red wines, fuzzy socks, great text messages, & not pretending to be someone you're not.  Bluntly telling it like is since I learned to talk. 
 Joanne Bolt

Joanne Bolt, Founder of Real Boss Women

Hello and Welcome!

The “Real Boss,” part of my brand is a combination of life experiences both at home and in my career.  Some of those experiences were heartbreaking.  Like being abducted from my office from a 'potential buyer'.  Some are amazing-like figuring out how to be both the boss and a mom at the same time.

The "Women" part of my brand is simple.  I love to work with women.  I spent most of my corporate years in the presence of men and found myself working out of town, all hours and not enjoying life.  When I moved to real estate I again worked with mostly men.  And yet women make up 65% of the real estate industry.  I found myself leaning into mentoring other women in the offices I was in.  And realized that I could show them the sh*t the men couldn't.  Like what to wear on an appointment.  How to script your way OUT of being hit on, and how to earn more than the men while working WAYYY less hours and WAYYY more efficiently.  I can show you too boo.  Just lean in.  

Real estate is so easy it's hard, especially as a woman (because we tend to make things harder than they have to be).  If you're married with kids, a single mom struggling to pay the bills, just getting started in the real estate biz after taking years off to raise babies, or leaving a corporate job for the new found freedom of being an entrepreneur I can help you. 

If I show you anything it's that you can do it.  I'm here for you.  




Together, We’re Breaking Down Barriers, Building Alliances, Shattering Glass Ceilings, Smashing Stereotypes & HAVING FUN WHILE DOING IT!!

Buckle Up Buttercup, and let's be friends!