EP 58: Be The Thermostat, Not The Thermometer with Liz Brown

Sep 01, 2022

Control the temperature of the situation


Remember back in Episode 56 when I brought up Divorce as a niche and you thought to yourself "Nobody actually does that!"  (don't deny it...you totally did!)  Well To conclude this niche series I brought in a special Realtor friend, Liz Brown to share how she works in the Divorce Niche.

Liz is an active member in the Real Boss Women community, and loves to give back and mentor others.  She's an award-winning and top-producing real estate expert specializing in personalized, boutique service across the Triangle.  As the owner and broker in charge, her ambition is to create and cultivate relationships and partnerships with clients that stand the test of time. Whether it is your real estate needs, a restaurant recommendation, or professional advice, Liz is here to assist you as a long-term resource.

I loved it when she said one of the main things to remember is that your clients are emotionally charged, and it's a situation where you have to be the thermostat, not the thermometer.  It's up to you to set the temp of the process, and keep it nice and cool. 

Here's a sneak peak into the episode:
[2:07] Meet Liz Brown

[5:31] Liz shares advice on working in the Divorce Niche of Real Estate

[9:19] Setting boundaries and why that's critical

[11:12] Liz's checklist for listing Divorce Homes

[14:04] Joanne remembers a client story concerning coming off title, but not the mortgage

[16:42] How Liz ended up in this niche

[18:34] Look at the lead generation aspect of the Divorce Niche, as well as other niches

28:30 Best advice Liz can Offer

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