EP 65: Scaling Your Business Using A Podcast With Lizzy Phillips

Sep 29, 2022
Lizzy Phillips Joins Joanne To Discuss Podcasting As A Way To Scale Your Business

Why Oh Why Should I Podcast?

When I stop and consider all the various ways you can scale your business, I am constantly amazed at how many options there are.  Especially when you nail it down to one little fact of life: in order to scale, you must grow the size of your audience. 
Today's episode features my good friend Lizzy Phillips, co-host of The Modern Real Estate Agents Podcast (which drops a new episode every Monday).  LIzzy and her husband Johnny are a husband/wife Realtor team in Flowery Branch, GA and hang their licenses with eXp Realty. 
Lizzy and I take a candid look inside just why she and Johnny decided to start a Podcast.  She openly shares how they have a passion for helping new agents succeed and they wanted a way to grow that audience.  
She and Johnny named their Ideal Client Avatar "Bob" and dialed into just what Bob would want.  The answer?  A mentor who was currently in production, doing exactly what they teach to do, and going through the ups and downs of the Real Estate Industry with them.  They knew that Bob would need help, guidance, and a place to ask the questions he (or she!) was afraid to ask in an office setting.  
Now, The Phillips team has multiple agents under them, they are sucessfully also growing and mentoring a revenue share team at eXp Realty for passive income, AND they have a thriving podcast audience that often joins their Facebook community as that place to ask the questions.  I know I pop in there on the regular to offer guidance myself!
What does this engaged and growing audience also mean?  If you guessed referrals from across the country then you guessed correctly.  In short, their podcast is doing exactly what they wanted to achieve with this strategy, and doing it very well. 
Lizzy ends the episode with giving 7 tips on how YOU can get started with your own podcast and things to consider along the way.  

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