Repurposing Your Content With Purpose

Oct 18, 2022
Repurposing Your Content With Purpose | The B-Word Podcast with Joanne Bolt

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We've all been there.  After so much time and effort (and brain drain) of creating a piece of content you sit back and think "masterpiece!.  Now do I really have to create ANOTHER piece or can this one suffice for all of the media outlets I use for my biz?"

I was on the struggle bus with this one for so long as an Entrepreneur.  First as a Realtor, and then as a Podcaster and coach.  My creative juices could only take me so far in life and then poof.  They are gone.  Until it dawned on me that all I really needed was a system.  A 10 step process I could follow for each piece of content I created that would go out into the world.  And boy did my life get simpler.  Yes it takes a little bit of up front effort to set up some of your templates in Canva but just like anything else-the more you do something the easier it gets. 

So Here It Is 

After much trial and error, I've got 10 ways I repurpose content consistently and I'm sharing it all with you in order to save you the time and trouble.  Use them all, or use only a few it's really up to you.  After all's your biz to create!

It starts with one main question you have to ask yourself: "What is the staple content creation in my business?"  Is it a podcast like mine?  Or do you blog, Youtube, TikTok Video or post to LinkedIn?   Here's the juicy secret.  It doesn't matter WHAT you use as your primary medium-it only matters that you are consistent with then taking that piece and making sure the rest of the world can find it.    

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