Letting Go Of Failure Mentality Featuring Holiday Miller

Oct 25, 2022
Letting Go Of Failure Mentality |The B-Word Podcast with Joanne Bolt


Pivoting your career can feel like the scariest thing you can possibly do.  I think that part of that comes from our own limiting belief that our work, or our kids, or our volunteer activities define us. 

The truth is, we as women go through seasons of life as we mature and those seasons sometimes bring with them a different set of passions and interests. 


Feeling Like A Quitter

Holiday, like many women didn't want to admit that as a Realtor she felt frazzled and like a failure as a mom.  It's hard to work in a role where you need to be showing homes on the weekend, and also at your children's sports activities at the same time.  These feelings really led to a spiral in her life because she knew she was miserable, but felt like the people around her would judge her if she quit Real Estate. 

She was more afraid of what people would think, especially her own family, than of doing what felt right in her gut. 


Taking Steps to Pivot

The mindset shift Holiday had to take to make the pivot and step out of Real Estate came when she realized that she was crying everyday and comparing herself to everyone around her.  After a year of being in the business, she looked up and realized "God does not want us to feel like a failure in life" .  The weight was lifted off her shoulders when she decided to change and boy was her family supportive.  

The internal struggle was like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole and acknowledging that you can be proud of yourself for trying the job everyone told you that you'd excel at, an then be at peace with moving into something that brings you joy. 

Being Thankful For Mom

Holiday grew up with a family of entrepreneurs and her biggest desire was simply to have one job.  That's part of why she struggled so hard to shift out of real estate and why she felt like such a failure.  Now, as a mom and wife she has stepped back and understands that the childhood she had gave her the strength to take risk and try things outside of her comfort zone. 

What a blessing that is!

Accidentally Finding Her Passion

Holiday opens up and is vulnerable with us, sharing that she was a plus sized model growing up and how aware she has always been about her weight.  As a mom, she is committed to taking the negativity about weight out of conversations with her girls in order to empower them to love themselves as they are.  

Finding herself needing some help feeling more like herself because she wasn't sleeping well her friend Mary Ann linked arms with her and showed her the Plexus products.  Holiday never saw herself as selling a network marketing product, but when she tried the products and fell in love with them she knew she had to show her friends what Plexus could do for them. 

And a natural salesperson for Plexus was born.  Passion about the product and how it made Holiday feel led to a role that supports her family financially.  

The Biggest Struggle Holiday Finds As A 6 Figure Earner

Network marketing has had a negative connotation for years.  The concept that a network marketing career is only a side hustle, or that the sales person is annoying and pushy.  The shift the market is really seeing now is realizing that when done right it's a huge income potential.  The stigma around selling products needs to change and Holiday is on a mission to change it.  

Let's start by debunking the myth that you need a huge network or following to start a business like this.  it's not true.  You can move from side hustle to full hustle with a small following or email list and simply take the time and energy to grow it. 

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