EP 73: The Monsters Under The Bed Are Real

Nov 06, 2022
My Vulnerable Truth with Joanne Bolt on the B-Word Podcast

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Trigger Warning! 

 This episode isn't like any other I've ever done.  I'm diving in and getting very real, and very vulnerable with you. And I'm sharing some hard truths about my journey along the way.  If you get triggered by trauma, or have children in the car this is NOT the episode to listen to!


Our past affects our futures

We all have traumas in our lives.  I call them big "T" traumas and little "T" traumas.  But they are what make us who we are and shape everything about us. 

From how we react to situations, to how we deal with our colleagues and friends.  You carry your traumas with you at all times and how you react to situations is often because of the past T's in your life.  I'm not a phycologist by any means, but this sure has been my truth over the years. 

For me-a big "T" trauma occurred in my late 20's, when I was abducted from my Real Estate office by a potential buyer.  It's that 1 in a million horrible thing that can happen to an agent....and it did. 

Spoiler alert.  No- the abductor did not kill me.  (Seriously you'd be shocked at how many people automatically think the very worst and duh.  I'm the one telling the story so whew!  I survived!)


Time To Be Real And Vulnerable

Today I'm opening up and sharing a portion of the story.  I'm keeping it short because most people need it in small doses.  But stick around until the end because the best truth of all is right there waiting for you to hear. 


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