EP 76: Recession Proof Your Biz by Avoiding The Spam Folder!

Nov 17, 2022
Recession Proof Your Business with a Solid Email List | The B-Word Podcast with Joanne Bolt


Recession proofing your business is a critical mindset to get into, especially when the economy is slowing down.  I've said for years that a healthy and engaged list (or you may call it a database!) is the #1 thing you can do for yourself in order to create a sustainable business.

From the time I was running sorority recruitment and teaching the members how to keep and maintain a list of potential new members to call when they had available openings, to running a $56 million dollar Real Estate Team  it all came down to our list of  past and potential clients.

Show me your list, and I'll predict your revenue potential.  It's that simple.

So simple it's hard in fact.  I'll wager that 60% or more of my listening audience has a database, and never uses it for more than an address book.  Your customer relationship management (CRM) software sits so lonely at times that it grows mold. 

Now is the time to jump back in, re-engage your list and modernize your email campaigns.  Doing so can-and will!-increase the know, like, and trust factor you have with your subscribers.

Before you jump in and hit send on that next newsletter (omg please don't send out a plain old newsletter.  That's so OLD my friends) you need to lean in and take a hard look at how to avoid the dreaded spam folder.

In today's episode, I dive into 6 of the easiest ways you can take action on RIGHT NOW to not get yourself blacklisted in email land.  This isn't an exhaustive list, but it'll get you off to the races quickly and efficiently.

1.  Delete your unsubscribers (holy cow yes I know this is scary.  The last student I told this to almost hyperventilated on me.  But I promise I don't give you any action items to do that I don't do myself!)
2.  Re-Engage subscribers who haven't opened or clicked an email from you in 6 months or more.  (ahem.  Assuming you've been sending out emails that is...)
3.  Avoid common trigger words
4.  Check your spelling and grammar for goodness sake
5.  Create more clickable emails (my favorite!)
6.  Give subscribers the easy button way out

And then join me at www.realbosswomen.com/listbuilding for an immersive online course on how to build your list bigger and bigger to create sustainability.  You get LIFETIME access to the course (including all updates!) and entrance into the Facebook group where I jump in on the regular to take a look at your work, answer questions, and crowd source with you to get your creative juices flowing.  

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