Moving From Hot Mess Express To Millionaire Momma With Allie Casazza

Nov 17, 2022
Declutter Like A Mother Author Allie Casazza Joins Joanne Bolt On The B-Word Podcast



Meet my newest bestie, Allie Casazza.  If you haven't heard of her before now all I can say is "You're WELCOME!"

Allie Casazza is on a mission to eradicate the "hot mess mom" stereotype by empowering other women. She has built a massive audience and a multimillion-dollar online business based on her proven, family-oriented approach to minimalism. She is also the host of The Purpose Show, a chart-topping podcast, and the creator of multiple online programs and courses that garner tens of thousands of registrations each time they run.  Her book, Declutter Like A Mother is a best seller and can be ordered easily off Amazon.  

I could have stayed on the show with Allie for hours, and the two of us align on so many levels.  You know those women in your life who just send sparkles of joy into whatever is going on?  She's that woman.  

Allie's Family Struggled Financially

 Listen in ladies because Allie takes us through the moment in Target where her family was so financially strapped she had to choose between purchasing toothpaste or tampons, to her mindset on starting her business out of desperation. Desperation is never where you want to be, but when you find yourself there sometimes a beautiful thing can come out of it.  Allie reached 7 figures in 18 months because she dove in and hustled hard to create financial freedom.  Her motto when she began was "everyone needs to hear my message"

It Exhausted Her

Growing an empire with 4 babies, she personally struggled with the hustle mentality and what it did to her health.   Now, she leans into the motto of "Does this feel good to me?".  Every strategy she employs must answer that question.  She's taken the time to slow down in order to speed up  and guess what?  That's doubled her revenue.  

Allie realized that she doesn't resonate with business coaches and masterminds that teach you a generic sales pitch or hand out swipe and use templates that promise success, because they don't feel authentic to her.  Doing things that feel authentic to her has allowed her to show up for her audience in better ways, and humanizes her in such a way that they follow her and purchase from her.  

Your Kids Aren't In The Way Of Your Business; Your Business Isn't In The Way Of Your Kids

One of the best quoates I've heard, and just one of the many reason I love Allie is when she said this.  Too many mommas don't reach their full potential because they simply can't visualize how they can do it all.  But Allie says her kids are better because of her work.  They are more fullfilled.  Her work changed their lives. It gives the kids both practical things like shoes, and an entrepreneurial spirit.  Best of all?  They know that they CAN run big businesses and she encourages it.  

Allie is unapologetic about saying that her kids make her a better entrepreneur because they force her to acknowledge that her time is limited.  So when she's working she's laser focused.  

Business Tip From The Guru

There are 2 things Allie says you need to do in order to run an empire.  First, hire a generic VA to take the stuff off your plate that doesn't give you CEO vibes, and the second is grow an amazingly big email list. 

I'll shout "AMEN SISTA!" to both of those.  Do you want to recession proof your biz?  Create a foundation that will be rock solid even if the algorithms of social media change, or worse-go away all together?  Allie flat out says that if she wants to infuse cash into her world, she sends out an email to her list.  

Because she took the time and energy to grow it, the revenue comes from it.  

I've got a course just waiting for you to help you grow a list as big as Allie's.  Join me inside List Building For Profit and let's watch YOUR business have a profit explosion. 

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