EP 20: Business & Babies Podcast Host Ashley Schubert Chats About Being A Working Mom!

Jan 31, 2022
Ashley Schubert Speaks

In today's episode, I got to chat with my friend Ashley about her family life, career, and how she manages to make it all work.  Ashley is a wife, mom of 5 kids, an Author and Speaker, Realtor, and Podcast Host of “Business & Babies”.   She is the Co-Owner of Flourish Real Estate Group out of Edmond, Oklahoma. In 9 years, she has sold almost $100 Million in Oklahoma Real Estate and is a Business owner alongside her husband in many other business endeavors. She has written four books including a 30-day devotional and the popular “Raising A Business and Babies”. She loves to educate, encourage and empower and loves working with ambitious Christian women!

In this episode: 
0:15 Joanne introduces Ashley
2:27 Ashley gives advice on opening a brokerage and why she chose to do so
3:57 Ashley's biggest learning moment in opening the brokerage was learning to look at the business like a business, working with her partner and letting emotions go
4:54  Ashley gets candid on how she emotionally handles it when an agent leaves her brokerage
6:00 Ashley shares her daily routine and schedule
7:15 How Ashley only works from 9am-3pm and why she keeps that schedule
10:30  Her biggest Boss Moment was walking into an awards ceremony with her 3 week old when she had been told she couldn't bring the baby
11:47  Joanne and Ashley give a sneak peak into what Ashley will be presenting at Focus Conference 2022 in Atlanta, GA.  

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