EP 50: A Modern Approach To Referrals (Part 2)

Jul 28, 2022

This Is So Easy It's Hard....And I PROMISE You Can Implement It Immediately

Remind me not to pop the cork on a bottle of champagne 🍾 the next time I create a series I'm so excited about.  I find myself looking around for someone to share it with and then remember that you're not sitting here with me.  You're in your own office, working steadily toward that amazing and updated referral approach we've been discussing since Episode 49.  

Referrals are simply the piece of my business that make me want to laugh out loud with giddiness, bust out an old cheer from my cheerleading days, and make sure that everyone-and that includes you-has the ability to create them too. If for no other reason than this: you want a business that is sustainable through any market condition (and yes that included COVID-19 Lockdowns!), any change in technology, and that you can scale.  That's when you really turn the dial on working smarter and not harder my friend. 

So if you're sitting on the edge of your chair waiting for me to give you the next piece of my secret sauce, tune in. Oh-and make sure you grab the freebie I'm including.  The Top 5 Tags For Your Referral Database.  I can promise that some of them you've never considered using and that you'll want to know what they are. 

The cliff notes of this episode are: 

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