EP 10: Can Your Period Really Make You More Productive In Business?

Dec 16, 2021
Dr. Erin Ellis Guest Host

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Show Notes: 

Hang on a minute.  My mind is blown.  Did Dr. Erin Ellis seriously just tell me that understanding my period can make me more productive (not just RE-productive?!!)

oh yes.  Yes she sure did.  Growing up when I did, your period wasn't something you knew much more about than the ever present knowledge of when it would reoccur.  (no white pants during that time!).  I NEVER considered that it carried with it much more hormonal changes than simply making me a little bat-shit crazy and crave some chocolate.

Chatting today with Dr. Ellis, she opened my eyes to the fact that knowing your cycle and all the hormones associated with it can make you a better real estate agent.  Want to book a client party for your database?  Try not to on a day when hormonally you are low and have negative energies. 
Want to brain storm with your team on goals for next year?  Plan that on a day when your hormones and energy levels are sky high.

And give yourself permission to just take a break when you need to. We are women and this is  natural part of our bodies. So don't just live with it-understand it.

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