EP 43: Creating a Social Media Sphere to Farm for Referrals In Real Estate

Jun 09, 2022
Create a social media circle to farm for new leads

What is the Bullseye Approach to Real Estate Marketing?

In today's episode we are going to talk about how to create a social sphere that you can farm.  When I was a big producer in Real Estate, I farmed like a BEAST with what I called the bullseye approach.

The Bullseye approach is where you take a certain area you want to farm and create a circle around it.  The best method I found was to look at where an elementary school, middle school, and high school all intersected.  

After you found your ring, select 2-3 neighborhoods within that ring that are of various price points.  You want to look at where your potential client will move up, move down, or move into in order to get into the school district.  Then you market heavily in those subdivisions.  Why?  Because people tend to travel in the same circles and all they'll see are your marketing efforts everywhere. 

How This Relates To Social Media

If you select your 'ring' to farm in, then it's as easy as curating content that would appeal to people who live in that area.  

You Can: 

  • Interview Local Business Owners
  • Showcase high school athletic events
  • Review restaurants or give highlights related to a restaurant's signature drink or dish

Really...the ways in which you can become the social media butterfly of your 'ring' are endless.  Now go get started!



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