EP 33: Gift Giving With Strategic Intent to Land a Real Estate Listing

Jun 03, 2022
Gift Giving With Strategic Intent To Land A Real Estate Listing

If you don't have a strategy and intention for everything you do as a Realtor, you may as well just throw away your money.

Go ahead.  Start now.  Just toss it up into the air and I'll come catch it.  That's about how effective doing ANYTHING without intent is. 

So how does leaving a gift with a potential seller the day before the listing consultation result in nailing the listing?  Because WHAT you leave should be thought out to evoke responses from your potential seller that when you listen to what they say, you pick up on where they land on the DISC profile.

Hear their words.  Know how they tend to think and react, and then you can adjust your scripts to meet them verbally where they need you to. 

A high "D" on the DISC needs to soften their tone when speaking with a high "I". 
A high "I" needs to cut to the point when dealing with a high "D". 

Have you ever considered that?  It's not just body language.  It's our verbiage too. 

So what do I put in my gift and how do I gauge responses?  Listen in and find out. 

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