Ep. 56 Niche Deep Dive: The Divorce Niche

Aug 25, 2022
The Divorce Niche in Real Estate

I'm Continuing Our 'Niche Building' Conversation Today With A Niche I Built A $56 Million Dollar Business in.... The Divorce Niche!


If you've ever met me in person, you quickly realize that I'm not a high "I" on the DISC profile.  In fact, most of the time my high "D" enters the room well before I do.  Perhaps that's the reason I excelled in a niche that I'm not even a part of.  Happily married for almost 20 years here, but boy could my team and I work the Divorce field like true champs.  

The key to this niche is remembering that neutrality isn't just for Switzerland.  It's for agents who work with divorcing clients.  That, and maintaining a cool and level head while things get crazy and clients get a little wack-a-doodle in their thinking.  

This niche tends to lean toward the more experience agents, or like I was...the team agents.  So if you're a newer agent you may want to go back to episode 55 where I dive into the New Home Buyer and Mom Of Toddler niche. 

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