EP 67: Planning The Perfect Brand PhotoShoot

Oct 14, 2022
How To Plan A Brand Photoshoot

Regardless if you are a Realtor like I was, an attorney, doctor, sell Plexus health drinks, or teach strategies on scaling a business like I do-you need professional photos. 


And you need them often.  I'll even go so far as to tell you to take them twice a year.  Yes!!!  Twice a year.  Just because you haven't changed your hairstyle in 5 years doesn't mean your online look shouldn't be updated.  New outfits, new backgrounds, heck even new nail color can make a difference. 
In this episode I spilled the beans on my photoshoot checklist (which you can download here for FREE), as well as admitted a few mistakes I've made along the way that cost me plenty of time, money, and heartache.  
Planning a brand shoot seems simple and easy but boy can we overthink it.  
[1:45] The goal of the episode is to give you confidence in planning, designing, and executing a photoshoot
[2:14]  I dive into why you need a brand photoshoot and not just a headshot for a business card.  These photos create relatability, and increase your conversion rates for customers.  
[4:15] The difference between listing photos for Realtors and lifestyle photos
[5:47] How to plan the photoshoot by defining your overall objective
[8:50] Selecting the right photographer is crucial.  How do you find one and what questions should you grab the answers to before hiring them?
[15:45] Locating the best space for your photoshoot to achieve the overall look and feel you're going for
Guess what?  The marketing and branding group that I personally use are teaching a session at the FOCUS conference 2023.  Let me help you take more of the guesswork out of building your own personal brand, and come for the conference.  There's tons planned to help you scale your biz, and the Edge geniuses will be there to learn from too.  See you there boo!

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