EP 42: Beach Hair Don't Care. It's Time For Real Estate Agents To Take A Vacation!

Jun 06, 2022
Taking a Vacation As A Realtor

Summer is here! 

Hey guys, can we, can we take a second and talk about vacation? Because Memorial day weekend just ended. And summer has officially begun. Now, I don't know how you spent your Memorial day weekend, but I personally spent it with my family in Disneyland or Disney world, actually in Florida, we did Disneyland last fall.

It was amazing spending time with the kids, letting them run around the parks. You know, go around the parks with a most of the time sometimes because of their age, I've let them do a few things by themselves. And then they just, you know, meet up with me and my husband afterwards. But the key thing here is understanding that they cation is essential to your self health, your mental wellbeing, and quite frankly, Taking a break from business.

The point I really want to make is are you actually scheduling vacation into your calendar? Here's the important thing to know if you are a newer agent and you are sitting here thinking, "Joanne, I've gotta be available for the clients I have.  I don't, and can't afford to take vacation. Not only because I don't have a cashflow, but what if they made me during that time?"

When to Schedule Vacation

Let me give you my biggest secret of knowing when to schedule your vacation. It's the second to third week of July. And here is why you just closed in June, all of your may business, right? So the end of may you closed your main business as agents. We tend to close things toward the end of the month. So. In July, you will have just also closed your June business, everything that last week of June, you will have closed out.

You don't want to go on vacation actually the 4th of July weekend, I don't recommend that that's our temptation. Don't do it. And here's why if one of your closings at the end of June has to push into the beginning of July because of lending issues or title issues or what. Everyone panics because the banks close on the 4th of July.

And so do the closing attorneys or title officers. So if you're out of town, your clients are panicking. You're not really servicing them to the best of your ability. So you kind of want to leave that first week, you know, blank, in your calendar. How about for every contract you wrote during the month of June. You're probably planning on closing it the last weekend of July or the last week of July.

So the second and third week are pretty clear and you don't have to stress and panic that all of your clients are suddenly gonna go, want to look at houses or put their houses on the market during that time, because here's the reality. Most of them are going on vacation in July as well. What I have found through the years, especially as a mom is in July.

Moms Mentality During The Summer

We have decompressed from the school year. We've spent the first week of summer with our kiddos at home. And all of a sudden that is when the beach vacations happen. The trips to Disney world for a lot of people happen, the camps for the kids are happening. And so your clients are more willing to not need you during the week, you're on vacation.

They're more willing to accommodate you, basically because they themselves are spending some time, you know, unwinding and enjoying summer. They're also panicking because school's going to start in August. And so suddenly they feel that they want to spend some more time with their kids and their family.

And so July just tends to be one of those times where everyone slows down for just a little bit before it crates back up at the end of August in early September. Cause man, that is that's followed the real estate world. I'll tell you. That's what, I'm half the relocation business occurs. So it's really safe for the second and third week of July.

That's when you want to plan your vacation to go ahead and plan it, but oh my God, if you haven't already booked it, please book. Get it on your calendar, make an initial down payment or deposit audit that will keep you accountable to actually go in on vacation. And we want you present and out of the business for a couple of days, when you take time to unwind and you actually are present on your vacation, your brain rejuvenates so you get an energy renewal. You avoid some of the burnout that probably just occurred during the spring season in real estate, because how many of you showed one buyer? 55 homes wrote an offer on 55 homes before you were able to get one under current. I'm willing to bet. It's a lot of you. So we were seeing a lot of burnout right now in the real estate world.

Take Time To Unwind

And if you don't take that time to rejuvenate your brain and actually be present on your vacation, you know, if you kind of come back from vacation, needing a vacation, cause you worked the entire time, then you're not doing yourself any good. You're not doing your clients and service because we are burnt out and overwhelmed.

We're not fully present with our clients either because we're just. Done mentally. So make sure when you do take the vacation that you actually take it, you [00:05:00] unwind. If you have to check email, because all hell's gonna break loose. If you don't set a timer that every morning you're going to do it maybe before, you know, before the kids wake up.

So maybe between seven and seven 30 in the morning, while you're having your first cup of coffee and set the timer and stick to it, do not be checking your phone all day long. I promise you unless they burned down the house. The email can wait. The text messaging can wait. The phone call back to the client can wait, especially if you've prepped them, that you are in fact on vacation.

It can wait by the way, here's a pro tip. Don't read your books on your iPhone. Get off your tablets, unless you're on like a Kindle that's waterproof and you can take it in the pool with you. That's fine. But don't read your books on any. That can also access your email and alert you to when a client is having a panic attack and need you.

If you need to go back to taking a freaking paperback with you, so have something in your hands to open and look at why, because it keeps your face out of the screen. Let's get you off the screen that allows you to enjoy your vacation. If you're away from your phone, you're not tempted to pick it up and answer an email or talk to.

So here's my question to you and my challenge if you've already scheduled vacation for July, go ahead and schedule your second time off. You're going to need it in another couple of weeks, months, however often your body needs and your mind needs to reenergize and get back into the business. Go ahead and schedule that.

Now it can be a girls' weekend. It can be a long weekend with the family. It can be a staycation at home for all I care. As long as when you do a staycation, even if it's one day. You abide by the rules of, I'm not going to check email, I'm going to be present. I'm not going to do the work things. I'm not going to let anything interrupt it.

I'm going to take time for me because when I take time for me, I'm a better agent for you. What do you guys think? Have you guys gone on vacation yet? Where are you going this year? Drop the comments below. Let me know. I'm really interested because quite frankly, I probably need some ideas on where I'm going to go.

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