EP 25: The 10-10-5 Rule To Creating A Better Social Media Engagement Strategy

Feb 15, 2022

We're continuing this week with why your social media strategy is STUCK and not going anywhere!  Reason #4 is this.  Your Engagement is lacking. Sure you've starting posting some content that is both personal AND professional...but that's not all you need to do in order to grow your brand and serve your potential clients.

She told just me there's MORE to this social media stuff than just showing up with some posts and videos.  UGH! 

I’ve got good news for you 🎉

Commenting increases your engagement points, strengthens your relationships  to your potential clientele, & improves your social media presence because the socials (we're talking mainly Instagram and Facebook)   weigh “meaningful interactions” - comments, conversations & direct messages PRETTY DARN HEAVY when determining how to sort & serve your content in the feed

Oh and Then there's this: You get Free 👀 Branding.  OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

ummm...how you ask? 
Because when you comment or DM someone, their phone sends up a notification.  Duh.  Which means they see your profile pic & name in the notifications & then again when they check out the comment/DM.

✨ The best part ✨
You have no excuse to not do this.  You can do this in the mornings, evenings, sitting at a closing waiting on the mortgage company to fund, waiting in the doctors office for your yearly checkup, while pumping gas

You get the picture. 

 I'm even going to give you an implementable strategy to use.  It's my 10-10-5 method.  Yes I do this EVERY DAY and Yes it works.

Listen in to the end for the strategy YOU can use to increase your engagement on social media...and thus increase your leads and referrals!


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