EP 49: A Modern Approach To Working By Referrals (Part 1)

Jul 26, 2022

Spoiler Alert: The way you've been taught to work referrals needs to change

This series by far has been one of my favorite to produce, because working by referrals is LITERALLY how I built my million dollar real estate business.  And back when I worked for Sigma Kappa, it's also how I taught each sorority chapter to fill their membership levels.  So when I think on it-referrals methods and thinking like a referral machine can be the true foundation of any business, any where.  You name the industry, and I'll tell you how to create that plan and make it work. 
That's the problem though isn't it?  Many of you have relied on someone else helping you create your system.  And to be honest, most of those people are old, outdated in their thought processes, and only looking at what worked for them.  Not what the current state of the industry looks like and craves.  ðŸ˜²
The big question I know you're asking yourself is this: "Does modernizing my referral approach mean I have to scrap everything I've known and done and start over?"
Good news pumpkin!  It does NOT. ðŸŽ†ðŸŽ†ðŸŽ† It does mean you need to take what you've been doing and tweak it though.  
If the thought of tweaking your mindset and system to get modern on referrals brings you the same joy and giddy feeling it does me, then tune in to hear: 
  • [2:37] What the Forking Shirtballs IS a referral exactly?
    [3:37] I'll use my Avatar "Betty" To Give You An Example Of How A Referral Really Works
  • [5:10] You need to understand what your job actually is in the referral process
  • [7:29] Modern Technique #1: It's all about THEM and how to revamp your thought process
  • [12:23] Pro-Tip: You need to say Thank You via a quick video and the script I use for mine
  • [14:07] Technique #2: Create a Real Relationship so people get to know you on a personal level
  • [15:32] I give an example of how a big corporation moved from a cheesy tag line to a relationship based model


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