EP 13: From Marketing coordinator to CMO of The Edge Agency, Alex Radford conquers it all

Jan 05, 2022
Alex Radford with The Edge Agency

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 If you aren't living on the edge, you're taking up too much space!
From title company marketing director to owning her own marketing company, The Edge Agency Co-Founder Alex Radford talks ALLL things about running a successful business as a woman. 

In this candid interview, Alex shares the reality of co-owning a business with your best friend and how they handle decisions together on how to grow and sustain it in an ever changing world. 

Alex is truly amazing and her story is powerful.  Listen in as she drops the mic on putting her big girl panties on and deciding to merge her business with a business partner instead of doing it all on her own.  The "experts" say you'll go farther with people than on your own and boy is Alex a shining example of that!

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