EP 18: Bouncing Brokerages During Your First Year In Real Estate With Bobbie Jo Goulden

Jan 24, 2022
The B-Word Podcast
Bobbie Jo Goulden took the leap (Literally! She moved brokerages 4 times in her first year!) into Real Estate in 2020 and hasn't' looked back since.  In today's episode she shares her journey from being a mom at age 16, to today as a busy realtor, wife to Brandon, and mom of 3.

0:34 Joanne Introduces Bobbie Jo
2:13 Bobbie Jo describes her first few months in Real Estate and why she joined a team vs. going solo
4:00 Bobbie Jo digs into the lessons she learned from being on a team and her mindset shift of how to align with the correct people to go further in her business
5:50 Advice on what to ask and look for when joining a team
8:00 The juicy gossip on why she bounced around 4 different brokerages during her first year as an agent
12:06 Bobbie Jo opens up about having a baby at age 16, getting married young and choices she's made along the way to today
15:12 She bought her first house at age 18
18:40 Being a mom in real estate, and what Bobbie Jo does to combat the loneliness of the business
20:16 Bobbie Jo shares how to best reach out and connect with her!

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