EP 61: Top 10 Boundaries I've Set To Avoid Burnout

Sep 13, 2022
Ten Boundaries To Implement In Order To Avoid Burnout Land

Setting boundaries CAN help you avoid burnout!


Did you know that a typical Real Estate career lasts les than 3 years?  I fully believe that's because of 2 things. 

1.  Agents don't realize when they start this business that it IS in fact, a game of sales

2.  Agents don't set boundaries and burnout from the constant need to work


So let's talk about those boundaries, shall we?  I've been an agent for 20 years and during the course of those years I've set lots of boundaries myself.  Some of them I'm tempted to break often, and some of them will make you have an anxiety attack trying to imagine implementing.  But for me-they really work.  

So settle back with a good glass of Prosecco and listen in.  I bet you'll end up finding a few of them that YOU can set for yourself!


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