Hey Moms In Real Estate, Take Time For a Bubble Bath

Jun 13, 2022
Moms in Real Estate Need To Relax More Often

Hey Momma Boss! This one's for you. We know you're out there scrolling the internet. Pause for a minute will ya?

Moms are known for sacrificing every ounce of themselves for their kids, but as a mom, are you replenishing your reserves via self-care?

Let’s get some housekeeping out of the way before we go any further. Self-care isn’t a fad or a time waster. You can’t do for the people in your life if you’re ignoring your own needs. And please, dispose of the archaic notion that self-care is a sign of weakness in business. The most pragmatic boss women harness their self-awareness. They admit when they need a breather.

You, my dear, are on the verge of greatness every day and taking time out for yourself brings you that much closer to meteoric success. I know, I know, I know. Raising a family is unpredictable and there’s ALWAYS something. Your objections are 💯 valid, however, they’re not bulletproof. Let Real Boss Women send you on the road to an achievable self-care journey. Give them a try and report back on your findings.

Respect the signs of burnout and address them

Why is it so many working moms in the Real Estate Community ignore the healing properties of self-care when we see our stress levels running the show? We’re savvy women after all. The endless list of reasons classify as noble and selfless, but martyr lifestyle of giving until it hurts isn’t sustainable. Girl, the truth is that when you force yourself to function on empty, you’re exploiting your mind and body. STOP 🛑 and honor the signs!

You know when you’re feeling compromised. If you’re sensing your mind, body, and spirit begin to falter, act sooner rather than later to curb exacerbated stress. I’m not saying throw your phone in the nearest body of water and drive to Tahiti (submarine cars aren’t a thing yet anyways), but simple self-care practices work wonders when we acknowledge we need them and put them in motion.

Prioritize your self-care in interesting ways

Scheduling self-care between showings, paperwork, pickups and drop-offs, rehearsals and practices, housework and beyond is the ultimate challenge. As a working mom, how can you excuse time for yourself when you could accomplish just one more item on your to-do list?

The reality is that self-care is not excuse. It’s essential and when you get creative about working personal time into your routine, the potential for supercharging your psyche is limitless ✨

Ask yourself how you can reintroduce “you time” during unconventional moments in the day. When the kids have practices or games, take a walk around the football or soccer fields to clear you head. Pick an activity to do at home that your kids have absolutely zero interest towards.

For example, boy moms make fantastic gardeners. Boys are adrenaline junkies. Let them ride their bikes or play sports in the yard while you tend to the dirt 🐌.

Use and expand your team of people

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What’s that saying, “teamwork makes the dream work?” The best teams are composed of friends, family, and coworkers who listen, try hard to understand their fellow players’ situations, and show a willingness to step-in when called from the bench. Sometimes, you blow the whistle for your husband to head to the court and watch the kids while you take a long, hot bubble bath with your headphones on. Other times, you trade-off kid duty with another working mom. The key is challenging yourself to hand over the reins and ask for the self-care rebound when you’re in need of points.

Also, think about who you have on your team. Consider fortifying the roster and giving other moms a shot at self-care. Do some digging and find who in your Real Estate Network sits on the same struggle bus searching for personal time. What’s more, seeking out other moms in the industry provides you with support system for motherhood and real estate.

It’s all about the sisterhood, ladies.

Daily self-care nuggets keep you on track

Once you’ve devised a shortlist of self-care activities you feel comfortable working into your days and have maneuvered available times, you’re now on the hook for follow through. Don't worry boo!! I’m not leaving you in the forest without a compass!

Pro Tip: make self-care a routine.

Give yourself something to look forward to in the day. If Tuesday and Wednesday lunch hours are typically free of household and work demands, take your food to go, find a park or another picturesque space, and relish the view around you on these days. Bonus points for matching your visual experience with nourishing music for your soul. No judgement here on the selection. Bon Jovi’s catalogue underscores a great many of life’s moments, from scenic drives to bubble baths.

Work self-care into your most productive hours

Think of when your Zone of Genius is during the day. This when you brain is working at its best and typically when the chaos around you is controlled (or sleeping 😴)

Our dopamine receptors run wild during this time because we’re gleaning rewards from our productivity. What if you took a chunk of your most creative time and doubled down on that dopamine? Think about performing a self-care activity that requires a bit of brain power. For instance, dedicate 20-minutes to journaling or reading. Exercise your brain using the fun equipment before you jump into the hard stuff. Then, see how much you accomplish.

Take a Quick Girls Weekend and Combine it with Work to Release that Guilty Feeling

Real Boss Women is heading to Nashville, TN on September 11-12, 2022. We're giving you the opportunity to combine a girls weekend with a day of learning and connecting with your Real Estate Ecosystem besties. What could be better?

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