EP 66: Creating Credibility in Your Real Estate Brand

Oct 05, 2022
Brand Building For Realtors

I had no clue when I began my career in Real Estate that what I was really doing, was learning to market myself.  I guess it's a good thing that I earned a BA from the University of Georgia in marketing huh?  The truth is, most Realtors get into the industry having no clue that you are really entering a world of sales and marketing. 

But it's the truth. And once you embrace that truth and lean into it then your world opens up and the job becomes easier than ever before. It's really so simple it's hard. 

You have to brand yourself.  You work in a career where it's easy entry.  Almost anyone can get a Realtor license, in any state....at any time.   You know this.  Setting yourself apart from the noise can seem daunting and impossible. 

So let me break it down for you in 3 tactical ways. 

Use Testimonials To Earn Referrals

We all yearn for referrals, regardless of the specific type of lead generation we feel we are best at.  Referrals are literally the easiest to convert to a sale, they are the most cost effective way to land the business, and generally speaking we enjoy working with them the most.  Why?  Because they come from someone we ALREADY enjoyed working with.  It can feel like a hamster wheel though when you're constantly begging for them and chasing down testimonials to put on your Instagram account though doesn't it?

I know it does.  That's why I broke down a few easy ways for you to grab those testimonials and crush using them to generate more business.  It's not exactly the easy button, but it really does work when you put your mind to it. 

Level Up Your Customer Experience Game

Stop telling me your customer experience is amazing.  I've heard it a thousand times from every Realtor in the universe.  Admitting you have a glitch in the system isn't something you want to do.  And if you can't name precisely what it is that makes your customer experience better and different from the next 4 agents in your office, then your client can't either. 

It's more than simply sending a client a survey.  It's being willing to put out polls, ask the hard questions, and constantly inspect your systems and processes to make sure you really are meeting the needs of the client, before they even realize there is a need.  When's the last time you triple-checked your service flow to ensure your clients are getting the best of the best?  How are you treating them before, during, and after the experience to keep them coming back and better yet......giving you those amazing testimonials?

C Is For Consistency

If you're from my generation you just read that out loud and mentally thought "C is for cookie, and cookie is for me" from the Cookie Monster.   But in our case C is for consistency.  I get it girlfriend.  You're tired of hearing me say that!  You resist it with everything in your soul.  After all, you got into Real Estate for the flexibility and freedom of the job (or so you tell yourself!)

Success is nothing without consistency though.  You can try all you want to fly by the seat of your pants, but you'll never climb the mountain to the top in just your stilettos.  Think of it this way....if you wear 3 inch heels for the first time in a year does the arch in your foot not kill your feet?  But if you wear them 2 or 3 times a week for weeks on end your foot gets used to it and it becomes easier and easier. 

Same thing here my friend.  Staying consistent will give you the results in your biz you are craving.  So buckle up, press play on your favorite podcast player and listen in.  Or better yet, grab a glass of wine and curl up on the couch with your favorite blanket and pop your airpods in.  

Let's chat, shall we?

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