Ep. 53 Scaling An Empire in High Heels with Linzee Ciprani and Amanda Churchwell

Aug 09, 2022

Starting 'Summer Hot' with Two Very Special Guests!

I'm starting this month off with a bang bringing in two of my new besties to talk about "building an empire in high heels"...meaning how you really can have it all; family, career, business success and FUN while you're doing it!

These are two powerhouse Real Boss Women; Linzee Ciprani with Ciprani Consulting & Amanda Churchwell from Hello Leverage. We dive into the highs, lows & most of all the 'how's' of starting & scaling a business without compromising any parts of yourself or other areas of your life that women need to be fulfilled  & thriving.

This episode was actually inspired by Episode 42 of the B-Word  in June 2022 "Beach Hair Don't Care!"  Check it out as well. This highly engaging and candidly honest conversation about how they built their empires, the struggles they faced and the successes they saw is eye-opening for women CEOs.


0:50 Joanne introduces Amanda and Linzee
5:08 How both of these powerhouses starting growing their companies
9:05 Pivoting from Realtor to Business Owner, and deciding what you really wanted to do in your big girl career
11:17 Hiring better talent than YOU in order to remove yourself from your pain point
14:07 Amanda learned her biggest lesson about leadership
17:15 Linzee and Jo talk about the reality of being the boss and hiring the right human to run your company
23:39 How do you grow outside your sphere of influence?
26:01 Linzee opens up about a failure she experienced
29:24 Amanda shares a thought process for scaling
32:40 Joanne breaks things to see how they work
36:31 Where they both are today as companies
41:22 Advice on growing your business to avoid burnout

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