Ep. 59 It's Not A Little, It's A Latte

Sep 08, 2022

Labor Day is over…which means Fall is around the corner, and that means I’m all about the return of Starbucks pumpkin spiced lattes!!! ♨️

In today's Episode of the B-Word, I’m wrapping up my series on ‘Nailing Your Niche’ with a convo about the brilliance of Starbucks marketing, messaging and promotions and how that applies to YOU. (Don't miss all the juicy info I shared in this series here in Ep. 56 & 57 & 58 )

Starbucks has it allll dialed in; who their market is, when and where to launch limited products yearly, how to build excitement and loyalty and so much more.

So, listen-up Ladies → Real Estate is no different!!!

Get creative, plan ahead, create an experience for people in your niche throughout the year.

Here’s the ‘Real Estate Latte’ recipe:

Your ICA (ideal client avatar) + Niche you serve (i.e. Divorce, First-time buyers, Luxury etc.) +
creating promotions and events around the things/topics that your niche peeps love, care about and enjoy the most.

For example, say your niche is teachers, maybe you organize a local fundraising event in May or June to collect school supplies for the next school year…just one possibility of many.

PLUS, on the topic of Lattes → I’m also sharing my personal secret sauce on today’s that helped me build a $56 million Real Estate business. It’s the 3 C’s and you’re going to have to listen to today’s episode to find out what they are, how they work and why they work to build relationships and expand your brand.

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