Ep. 60 Blurring The Boundaries for Working Mom's

Sep 08, 2022

Just like you can power-punch your work day into the Pre-School times of 9am-2pm; this is a short and sweet episode curated especially for my stay at home Mommie Realtors!! ðŸ’—

I hear you ladies....the struggle is real on learning to work from home AND create a career worth having.  You want it all and I promise you that you can have it! 

The secret is boundaries and flexibility....but did I mention boundaries?

n today's Episode of the B-Word, I'm getting real about what it takes AND how to not feel burnt out while doing it ladies.  

Being a mom literally is the busiest job you’ll ever hold, without being paid.  So just how do you accomplish staying at home with your little ones AND create a real estate business worth having? 

If you’re feeling the desire to do both then lean in and take notes on today's short and sweet episode!!

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