Ep. 55 Real Estate Niche Deep Dive Part 1: First Time Buyers & Mom's of Toddlers

Aug 23, 2022


Time to Niche Down, B**ch!  (Noooow say that in a Brittney Spears voice and laugh out loud with me)

All joking aside, this week I'm kicking off a 6-part series on all things Real Estate Niches: What are they are, how to choose yours, what to do with them once you do and much more.  Today is Part1 focusing on first time homebuyers and mom's of toddlers niches.

If I'm being totes honest, this series is going to be super fun for me, even more than the referral series I just wrapped up in July (if you haven't already check those episodes out here)

Why? Well, one of my favorite things to do in business is to really solidify a brand so that when I market and work with it, I’m the expert (YOU will be the expert after this series).  If you’re a Realtor I can guarantee you’re asking yourself right now “why would I niche?  I want to work with ALL buyers and sellers!” Am I right? 

Well my GUUURLfriends that is exactly the WRONG mindset.  That mindset thrives on a scarcity mentality that you need all  the buyers and sellers because you have NO CLUE when and where your next commission check will come from.  I challenge you to consider niching down so that you can create a steady, scaleable, and sustainable business that you love!! It worked for me, it has worked for my team agents, for dozens of my private clients...so why not for you too?  

So grab a glass of prosecco with me and let’s dive into a series I’ve created just for you and it’s all about niches.  Today’s episode in particular I’m getting candid on 2 of the best ones for new agents and high “I” on the DISC profile = those First Time Homebuyers, and moms of young toddlers

And, TRUST me please; by niching down in Real Estate you become less of a Jacqueline of all trades, master of none, but instead, you'll make yourself a true SME (subject matter expert) in your chosen niche. PLUS, the more you work in a niche the better you become at honing all the various aspects of your business that you’ll need.  Your knowledge gets better, your social media becomes targeted, your referral systems are refined, and heck even your contract to close process becomes buttoned up. 

If I'm speaking your language BUT you're still not sure what niche would best fit YOUR personality type as a Realtor -- well you're in luck. I created a niche type quiz specifically for Real Estate agents (aka YOU). It will help you discover your type, give recommendations on who to work with, AND it curates a list of podcast episodes you need to dive into to get in the right mindset to go forth and make your niche happen with ease and efficiency.

So, if you want a shortcut to your niche then these are the next steps:

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