Women Leaders in Real Estate with Haley Cutter of Compass

Jan 13, 2023

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As a part of my series about women leaders of the Real Estate industry, I had the pleasure of interviewing Haley Cutter, Founder of Cutter Luxe Living by Compass!  To hear the entire episode, make sure you're a subscriber to the B-Word Podcast Exclusives on your apple podcast mobile.  

After growing up in the Boston area and graduating from Emerson College, Haley Cutter began her career working for a top NYC advertising agency, but returned to Boston to get her MBA at Northeastern University. Once she graduated, she shifted gears to the real estate industry. In 2014 she co-founded Live In Luxury Real Estate at Douglas Elliman, and in 2021 launched Cutter Luxe Living at Compass as sole Founder and Managing Broker, which is now one of Boston’s top Luxury Real Estate groups. In December of 2021 Cutter Luxe Living had a record-breaking month with $20M+ in closings. Cutter Luxe Living serves Boston’s most exclusive downtown neighborhoods and surrounding communities, all led by Haley’s driving force for a better client experience. The brokerage is currently expanding into New Hampshire. In addition to running her Real Estate Brokerage, Haley has founded a non-profit organization that works with families who have suffered the tragedy of home fires.

In this episode we discuss:
Her foundation, The Cut Fire Fund
How she places each member of her team in the role that fits them best
How her marketing background has been a huge part of her success as a Realtor

Check out the Cut Fire Fund at https://www.thecutfirefund.com/

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