EP 48: How To Begin Investing In Real Estate For $27.40 a Day

Jul 14, 2022
How To Begin Investing In Real Estate

How To Being Investing In Real Estate As an Agent When You Feel Broke AF 

 ANYONE can learn how to set themselves up for retirement, by investing in Real Estate.   

oh wait a minute.  Just hang on.  You mean you AREN'T investing in Real Estate?  😮  You sell it, but don't utilize it as a way to generate a retirement income portfolio for yourself and your family?

Why the Forking Shirtballs NOT??? 

Sweet friend, if I could make a wild guess, I'd say that you just groaned out loud and came up with a million reasons why you're not investing.  In fact, you probably have a laundry load of reasons why not--You're broke, too young, too old, too many other bills to pay, don't want to be a landlord, lack the skills to renovate or decorate--this list goes on and on and on doesn't it?

And even though as a Real Estate Agent or Broker, you probably have worked with investors at some point in your career, you've never considered yourself to be one.  You've never asked yourself the question "Well why in the forking shirtballs am I not doing this?"

I asked myself that question 14 years ago and decided to dig in and begin building a portfolio.  Today, my husband and I have multiple properties in various locations, and they all provide solid passive income.  But I know you have to start somewhere so I've got some easy peasy tips on just how you can get started.  And pumpkin, it's all for $27.40 a day.   That's legitimately less than what I spend at Target or Starbucks on any given occasion.  

So if you're ready to stop helping other investors and begin to be one yourself, tune in to hear:  

  • [4:04] A Simple Way to Start
  • [5:08] You need roughly $10,000 to begin investing.  This number may change depending on your goals, but it's a good start.  Here's how to create that money
  • [7:47] My pro tip of investing.  Set up your accounts to be in a ghost type view where you don't look at them every time you open your mobile device.  It's a set it and forget it method so that you're not tempted to dive into that money for anything other than what it's intended for. 
  • [10:35] I'm busting some myths that surround your real estate career in order to help you bust through the mind block you seem to be having around investing
  • [11:32] Here's another way you can use that $10,000 to create retirement wealth and a portfolio
  • [15:33] See you in Nashville!  Now that you've started to consider investing it's time to meet up with the Real Boss Women and do a fireside chat on propelling that goal further.  I've got Sharane Dorrah, aka The Investress, joining us there to show you creative ways to finance that investment--how to look at it in a way that works for you--and more


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