EP 5: "Just" is a new dirty word-so don't use it!

Dec 14, 2021
Guest Claire Brown

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If you haven't met today's guest, Claire Brown then you're really missing out on something special.  Claire is the author of the book "Ring or Fling" where she unapologetically and hilariously dives into the stories of being a working Real Estate Agent mom while surviving the dating world. 

Claire explains how dating mimics the skillsets we learn as agents, and goes on to give you permission to take the word "just" OUT of your vocabulary to step into being the boss and power woman that you are. 

Claire isn't "just" a realtor.  She's also a podcast host, an acclaimed author, a mom and and many other things.  She's taken her career to heights she never imagined possible by being open to opportunities and seeking them out when she was ready. 

Looking to purchase the book?  Here it is!


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