EP 30: Mind Your P's & Q's to Eliminate The Stress Of Multiple Offers!

Mar 01, 2022


Oops 😅 I did it again. I started a topic of conversation this morning on The B-Word Podcast 🎧 that I'm not hearing anywhere else.  You may want to mark this as a favorite episode to come back to again and again.  It's that juicy!

What did I dive into?  Overwhelm on the listings agents.

Now, I realize that the buyer's agents are also super stressed and overwhelmed right now (and I'll address that in future episodes!)  but before you start yelling at them when your buyer couldn't get an appointment to see a home, or because you have NO CLUE why your offer wasn't accepted please 🚦stop and consider that they are also stressed out and overwhelmed.

So how do we help? Big clue here listing agents.  It's all about 🤷🏼‍♀️ Scripts Scripts Scripts. Yeah you hate scripts, but in the form of an email 📧 template they aren't as scary to use and they sure do help eliminate the stress.

I've got 2 scripts to use.
⚡️Responding to multiple offers
⚡️Setting showing time expectations

Listen in to hear them, and then connect with me in The Real Boss Women Facebook Group to grab a copy of my script!  or heck, DM me on Insta.  You roll how you want girlfriend.  I'll respond to it all.

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