EP 1: Move Over Extroverts....The Introverts are Here with Guest Ashley Harwood

Dec 14, 2021
Move Over Extroverts with The B-Word Podcast and host Joanne Bolt

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I swear I don't have RBF, I'm just an introvert!  Seriously though friends we're starting off the podcast here with one of my favorite humans, Ashley Harwood. 

Ashley took ownership of her lack of success as a real estate agent when she realized that she was an introvert working in a highly social career field.  When she put her big girl panties on and realized that, she knew it was time to take ACTION and help over introverts in the industry stop acting like extroverts and avoid the BURNOUT that creates.

Now she's the BOSS of her own niche, the expert in allllll the things related to being an introvert and is here to help YOU learn how to navigate your career too!  Because contrary to popular belief you don't have to be the social butterfly in the room to have a successful real estate career.  You just need to be you boo and create a lead generation plan tailored to your strengths.

Ashley is a speaker (yes!  Inman Connect even had her on last year!), a trainer and a mentor to the bosses out there who own their quietness and lead generate in their own way. 

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In this episode we discuss:

  • The burnout that comes from being an introvert in an extroverted field of work
  • What Ashley's coaching program looks like
  • Her experience speaking at Inman
  • The evolution and next steps in her personal journey as the guru of the introverts

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