EP 63: A Beginner's Guide To Being a Realtor Featuring Nakia Brooks

Sep 20, 2022
Nakia Brooks, GAR's Realtor of The Year

Funny, Wicked Smart, And Cute As A Button!  What More Could You Ask For In Your Realtor of The Year?

A generous heart, a love of helping and teaching other Realtors to make it past the dreaded 2 year mark, and truly successful himself of course.  That's the real deal behind the man, the myth, the legend-Nakia Brooks.  

I watched him online for over a year wanting an introduction.  You know those people that you see and just think "Yes!" He's got that special spark of success!  When my friend Shannon Daegars told me we were meeting Nakia for drinks at the recent Inman Connect Conference in Last Vegas my response was "Finally!  I have so many questions".

And besties we became.  Just like that.  So of course I had to bring him on the pod and introduce him to you, the Real Boss Women who listen to the B-Word Podcast with the enthusiasm of raving fans. 

Hang on, Hang on, Hang on.  I know what you're thinking: "He's a DUDE".   

Duh-of course he is.  Just because my community and my passion is helping women in the Realtor world build businesses of their wildest dreams doesn't mean that we only talk to women.  The men play an integral part in our biz world's so why not give you the audio introduction to one of the best in the industry?

Handshakes and fist bumps aside, let me introduce you to Nakia:

From police officer to Realtor, Nakia Brooks has had a long and distinguished career.  As a Realtor for the past 18 years, he's personally closed over 1200 homes (700 of them being short sales which is how he ramped up his business).  In the last 7 years he hasn't sold homes himself, instead investing in coaching and mentoring agents at the brokerage he opened in North Georgia. 

In this episode, Nakia talks about being the upcoming President to NAMAR Board of Realtors, and how humbled he was to recently be awarded the Realtor of the Year award for the Georgia Association of Realtors.  He's literally 1 of 52,000 nominees and holds the honor proudly.  He shares several tips on how you as an agent should be using the board you're a member of (even if you're like me and often times forget to pay your dues!)

As a bonus to this interview, I had Nakia share his top lead generation system.  One that has worked for him for 16 years and the system that he shares with tons of agents to help them go from less than $1 in the bank, to being financially stable.

Listen in and comment below to let him know you loved 💖 the system he dropped on ya.  

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And who couldn't use one of those?!!

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