EP: 51: Stacey Brown Randall-Referrals Without Asking

Aug 02, 2022
Create Referrals Without Asking Featuring Stacey Brown Randall

 As we conclude our series on A Modern Approach To Working By Referrals, I knew I had to bring in a ringer for you to connect with.  After all, my philosophy at the Real Boss Women is Real Life.  Real Fun.  Real Business and one of the things I value the most is connection over competition. 

So of course, I had to grab a quick conversation with Stacey Brown Randall.  Stacey is the referral ninja, known for her podcast Roadmap To Grow Your Business, and the author of "Generating Business Referrals Without Asking"  

If you're an avid reader like I am that's a must purchase.  In fact you may want it loaded into your audible as well.  But I digress.  

Stacey is a keynote speaker at our upcoming Work, Play, Slay event in Nashville this September and if you're craving hearing her in a setting where you can raise your hand and ask questions.  This is it folks. 

I loved this conversation with Stacey because we align so much in our thinking on how to handle referrals, and that what you've always been taught probably isn't what is going to work now.  And I won't lie-her philosophies are going to really leave you shaking your head and rethinking your entire database.

So if you're ready to start your database, or fine tune yours to perfection and need a little kick in the pants to do so, here's a little glimpse into the episode:

  • [4:33] Stacey's Keynote is all about referral strategies
  • [5:04]  Stacey brings the truth on why the way we work our database is wrong
  • [8:19] Being commission base brings the anxiety
  • [9:50] There are 2 things you need to be able to know from your database
  • [14:10] The gold star layer
  • [19:16] Stacey's strategy is based on science
  • [22:20] The reality of closing a cold lead vs. a warm referral
  • [26:38] Why People ACTUALLY refer
  • [29:16] The hardest thing to wrap your mind around  

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