EP 7: Taking The Leap Of Faith To Move From Part Time As A Family In Real Estate To Full Time with Lizzy Phillips

Dec 14, 2021

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 Oh no she didn't!   Well yes she did.  She convinced her husband Johnny from moving OUT of his teaching job (and steady paycheck with insurance and benefits!) into joining her in real estate.

Meet Lizzy Phillips, one of the owners of Phillips Team Realty.  Lizzy joins me to talk about the biggest boss moment she can imagine-putting all the family's financial eggs in one basket and going all in for real estate.

Lizzy gets candid with me on how scary it is to depend solely upon commission in a moving market, how to handle the process of getting ready to make real estate your sole career and income source, and the amazing opportunities and surprises she's found along the way.

Looking to connect with the team she and her husband run?  You can do that on the 'Gram too!  @phillipsteamrealty

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