Ep. 52 The Myth Of Overnight Success Debunked

Aug 04, 2022


In this episode Joanne dives into the hot topic of "The Myth Of Overnight Success."

Today we’re going to talk about the myth of the overnight success story.  I know you’ve been as guilty as me at looking at someone else and seeing what you believe are their overnight results.  Social media really makes this easy to do because you stumble upon someone doing what you're doing, or in the industry you’re in and suddenly you’re inundated with their current picture.  And let’s be honest here-most of the people you’re watching aren’t ones you have immediate access to where you can pour a nice glass of wine, curl up on the couch and start gabbing to pick their brain.  

 What happens next? Likely you tend to believe in that you’re not as good as they are because your journey isn’t taking off as quickly as it 'should' be.  You may even think you’ll never get to where they are because of perceived abilities, skill sets, or environments.(you all know what I mean here). 

BUT, that's why I wanted to do a show on this topic - because I don't want you to let mindset get you - based on myths. I want to encourage you to not let yourself go down that path, but instead to pick yourself up and remember that everyone starts somewhere. 

The myth that it happens overnight is truly that: a myth, and as one of my friends recently reminded me: Comparison is the thief of joy.  When you spend too much time and energy comparing yourself to someone else, you’ll never enjoy where you are in YOUR journey 

 I’ll give you practical advice based on my own personal struggles - on how to overcome this myth-mindset trap...Click Here to listen to the full episode where I will walk you through how you can move past this mindset trap.

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