EP 35: I Do My Hair Toss, Check My Nails. Baby How We Feeling?

Jun 04, 2022
What should I wear on my Real Estate Appointments?

If there's one question that I get asked all the time from newer agents, it's this.

"What in the heck should I wear when meeting clients?"

It's really way more simple than you can ever image, and ironically it starts with social media. 

Yep, I just said that.  What you should wear is determined by how you show up on social media.  You can't send mixed messages, or the client will be confused and potentially not relate to you as a professional.  Because I can guarantee one thing.  They've looked you up WAY before they ever picked their cell phone up to call you and make an appointment. 

So show up to work, how you show up to play.  It's going to be oK.  I promise.

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