Welcome to the B-Word Podcast starring Joanne Bolt!

Featuring everything from expert interviews to ingenious business hacks, Joanne channels her passion for mentoring others to help you become the best version of YOU out there. All tied together with her mission to make EVERYTHING as actionable and easy for you to implement as possible.

Buckle up, Buttercup, because Joanne is honest and authentic – making you laugh out loud one moment and scratch your head wondering “Why didn’t anybody tell me this SH*T before?” the next moment.



I love the conversations Joanne is bringing to real estate for women!! A lot of things aren’t talked about enough that it’s enlightening to see that other women are going through the same things as me!


- Rosalinpaige, 12/01/2021


Hilarious Podcast!

"Joanne has an amazing way about helping other agents accomplish their goals and grow their businesses. Don't miss subscribing to her podcast!!"


- The Modern Real Estate Agent


So good.

"Raw, funny and real. Love this podcast!"


- Alex

Love it!

"Always love to hear from Joanne!"


- Katie