Welcome to the B-Word Podcast starring Joanne Bolt!

Buckle up, Buttercup, because Joanne is honest and authentic – making you laugh out loud one moment and scratch your head wondering “Why didn’t anybody tell me this SH*T before?” the next moment.

Joanne believes that people have the attention span of a gnat, so all episodes are bite-sized in length and curated to jump kick your a$$ into gear towards creating a sustainable and wildly successful business doing things YOUR way.  Not the old, stuffy, and outdated way. 



I love the conversations Joanne is bringing to real estate for women!! A lot of things aren’t talked about enough that it’s enlightening to see that other women are going through the same things as me!


- Rosalinpaige, 12/01/2021


Hilarious Podcast!

"Joanne has an amazing way about helping other agents accomplish their goals and grow their businesses. Don't miss subscribing to her podcast!!"


- The Modern Real Estate Agent


So good.

"Raw, funny and real. Love this podcast!"


- Alex

Love it!

"Always love to hear from Joanne!"


- Katie