Masterminds are the key to success and here's why...

It's lonely at the top girlfriend, are we right?! Plus you probably never feel like you're actually 'at the top.'

You're running your business just fine-ish, but know you could be doing even better, growing faster, and SHEESH  it can get really overwhelming figuring it all out on your own. Loneliness is the fuel for mindset gremlins, self-doubt, procrastination and feeling stuck. 

If you're checking out Chic Cliques then we're pretty sure you're also in need of some new business besties that you can get REAL with, ask the hard questions, cry ugly and cheer loudly. 

Plus, we're also guessing that you just need to find your tribe, where competition is squashed, b*tchiness is not tolerated and that frees you up to finally start working ON your business vs. IN your business with your besties by your side cheering you on. 

The October 2022  Clique is designed to take you from struggling alone to figure it ALL out confident that you rock, consistent closings, and more!! 

Good Gawwwd we're SO glad you asked!!! Let’s put it this way, and just roll with my seriously bad analogy here...

You can drink Gin straight, BUUUT adding it to a good tonic and topping it off with a Raspherberry for a fun martini is SO MUCH BETTER. 

THAT is the clique, chic in a nutshell (or a martini glass)! It’s a combination of group coaching (where you get taught to) AND a mastermind (where you add value and teach to those around you).  We’re mixing them both up for the perfect cocktail of experiences and access to coaches, all with your new business bestie by your side!

Plus, yes there's even more! We are also bringing in special guest trainers who are experts in core areas to give you THE BEST of the best; boss women like Kanani Briggs, Real Estate Leader & Money Breakthrough Business Coach® your lead facilitator, and Stacey Brown Randall (Best-selling Author of 'Generating Business Referrals Without Asking' and National Speaker). 

And you know I'm showing up to help you bust open some new mindsets and business building concepts.  I DID build a $56 million dollar team myself you know....

Chic Clique October has some powerhouse women ready to guide YOU on your journey to unleashing your  Real Boss Women potential!!


Put Me On The Waitlist!

The Upcoming Chic Clique Is For You If...

  • You're in the Real Estate ecosystem and are looking for ways to run &  grow your business that aren't always taught in a brokerage (aka. The Girlfriends Guide to Thriving in Real Estate)

  • You want to learn from TOP Agents who know their s#$% and will give you their cheat sheet, like Kanani (say "heyyy girl" ---> that is her to your right)

  •  You have big goals for 2023 and want to make sure you're set up for big growth and new levels of success

  • You're looking for other women who value collaboration over competition

  • You're prepared to make a financial and time commitment to achieve that success

  • You understand that all brokerages and thoughts should be valued, not just the one you're with because if we stop learning, we stop growing...and stop making money-honey
  • You TOTALLY want to jump into some modern techniques and crush them

    Does any of this sound like you buttercup? If so REGISTER ABOVE OR BELOW TODAY!!! 

Welcome Swag! 

Yes, actual gifts sent to your home IRL. Fun! Joanne loves pretty pens, prosecco, amazing books, truffle honey and more. So, you never know what she's going to send next. But, her welcome swag never disappoints and always helps you thrive in the program

Hot Seat Time for Every Chic In The Group

Each Meetup Session starts with a Hot Seat Spotlight round for you to receive personalized coaching from your Clique group leader. Plus, advice and insights from the rest if your besties too. This is your time to shine and get the support you need!

Guest Industry Experts

From referrals to niches to the art of the deal and more; kick off your stiletto's, pour yourself a glass (or punchbowl-we don't judge) of wine and get ready for special guests coming in hot with what you NEED to know throughout the program. 

Weekly Zoom Calls 

For 11 weeks (3 weeks on and one week off for implementation time) you'll have a zoom call starting with Hot Seat time, moving into the deep dive topic that week & wrapping with quick Chic chic breakout mini-groups to set goals for the week.

Private Chic Clique Facebook Group

Connect with your besties during those in-between zoom call times to share wins & cry ugly if you need to. PLUS, access Facilitators, all program materials, Zoom replays and reminders

 Discounts & Priority Access

Exclusive discounts & priority access to Real Boss Women events, programs, courses &  retreats

B-Word Podcast

Possible guest-spots and features on Joanne's podcast The B-Word. Joanne hosts guests monthly and also is in demand for sponsors too, so this is an invaluable bonus to gain exposure, reach and credibility in your market

Curating and Crushing Your Database (Emails and Texting Communities galore...oh my!) 

Building a Personal Brand & Niching Down 101

Social Media Mastery with Betty Galvan


 Referrals Without Asking Q&A with
Stacey Brown Randall

**Her book is included in the price of the Chic Clique!

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