The most epic Real Estate masterminds built for women who are ready to not be "just an agent" & create their own path


Oh Muy Gawd. YASSSSSS!!!

Masterminds are great, aren't they?

You're running your business just fine, but man it can get lonely.  You're wondering where your besties are that you can get REAL with, ask the hard questions, cry ugly and cheer loudly. 

Where competition is squashed, b*tchiness is not tolerated and you finally start to figure it all out- together

Good God are we glad you asked!  Chic Cliques are 7 week commitments guided by Joanne & The Bosses that start with a destination and prosecco in hand (you know where Jo goes, so does the bubbly) and continue with weekly education series from industry experts and live seshes led by the Bosses to dive deep into the topics, share strategies, empower each other, & create lasting relationships to help each other grow.

Your weekly education series includes a video to watch while sitting at home with your stilletos kicked off at your leisure.  Later that week you'll hop into the live sesh with your small clique to dish on all the info you learned, chat about good ways to implement that week's topic and giggle loudly with the chics on how you need with implementation!  (We see you boo.  We all struggle sometimes) 

At the conclusion of the destination day, the bosses will separate chic into their cliques of of women who are in similar places in their business (As best we can).  Each clique is limited to around 15 individuals in order to cultivate those bestie relationships you've been craving.  

The Upcoming Chic Clique is for you if:

  • You're in the Real Estate ecosystem and are looking for ways to run &  grow your business that aren't always taught in a brokerage
  • You love the idea of hybrid masterminds! (In person | videos on demand  | Seeing your besties over the computer weekly)
  • You have big goals for 2022 and want to make sure you're set up to lead your team to success
  • You're looking for other women who value collaboration over competition
  • You're prepared to make a financial and time commitment to achieve that success
  • You understand that all brokerages and thoughts should be valued, not just the one you're with

Destination Kickoff

*Travel & Accommodations for destination are not included.

1:1 Strategy Sessions

Receive a personalized call with Joanne & the team to work through your mental blocks, limiting beliefs, or business pieces you're struggling with

Industry Experts

Kick off your stiletto's, pour yourself a glass (or punchbowl-we don't judge) of wine & watch the weekly videos of topics presented by Joanne & the gang.  You know how you're the sum of those you surround yourself with?  Well Jo surrounds herself with some true industry badasses so get ready to soak it all in)

Zoom Calls

For 6 weeks following the Destination Kickoff you'll have a zoom call to take a deep dive into the subjects presented via video in your private portal.  Due to the nature of masterminds being organized and unique, they will vary in nature

Unlimited Slack Access

Connect with your besties during those in-between zoom call times when you need to ugly cry, laugh loudly, share wins & more

Recorded Calls

As a chic, you'll get 6 months of access to all recordings of calls, strategy sesshes, guest speakers and more plus additional content!  Binge it all girlfriends. 

Discounts & Priority Access

eXclusive discounts & Priority access to Real Boss Women events, conferences, and retreats

B-Word Podcast

eXclusive opportunity to be featured on the B-Word Podcast with Joanne

Pop The Champagne, I'm Signing Up Now!

Just a few of the deep dive topics our cliques have access to


*Please note that not all of these topics are presented at each mastermind.  The cliques are meant to be slightly tailored to the chics in them.  We do not guarantee any topics for any particular clique season*


Avoiding Burnout | When and How To Leverage


Scalable Lead Generation to Make it RAIN 


Social Media


Time Management & Leverage


Building A Personal Brand | Niche


Managing Vendors & Sponsors

Atlanta, Georgia 11am-3pm

June 16th, 2022


Yeah Yeah Yeah.  You may not think Atlanta is a premier hot spot for a location, but it IS where Joanne is located so there's that.  Wondering why the time slot is so random?  Because Atlanta traffic is something to be avoided at all cost.    


What does the day look like?  You're nosy aren't you?  That's ok.  Joanne is too.  We've got you boo!

11:00am-1:00am  Goal Setting | Business Planning  | Money Mindset

1:00pm Lunch 

1:30pm  Personal Branding | Niche Building 

2:30pm Scaling the business

3:00pm Celebration glass of champagne or wine from Joanne's personal cellar


* please note that each Realtor wil be participating throughout the day in Lifestyle Headshots with Joanne's marketing guru from Edge Agency  And the best part? You'll get to select 1 to use in your personal marketing.