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The Real Boss Women C-Suite

Join the Real Boss C-Suite, founded by Joanne Bolt…


  • Unlimited Access to realbosswomen.com Where we download all the goodness to our private portal. Expert guest interviews, Joanne's teaching seshes you missed in the Facebook group.  You can pour a glass of your favorite bubbly and binge them again and again.   
  • In-Depth Interviews with Industry Badasses.  Grab a front row seat and join in.  And of course they are recorded for your future viewing pleasure!
  • eXclusive Discounts To Future RBW Events...Picture the most epic and empowering days filled with like-minded  women who dream big, play hard, and think like you do!  We start the days with coffee and end them with champagne. These sold-out events are better than a normal woman's retreat, better than an education conference from your broker, and better than a CE class! And we want you on the front row absorbing ALLLL the good stuff from our speakers!
  • PLUS exclusive opportunities to be featured on The B-Word podcast (over 10,000 downloads per month across the GLOBE.  Yes!  We are International!) to tell your story, show off your SuperBoss Power, and be seen and heard by thousands of other realtors across the world. 


  • Any current or future Realtor at ANY brokerage.  We don't care which broker flag you wave.  Just because Joanne is with eXp doesn't mean you have to be
  • Anyone in the real estate ecosystem.  Mortgage lenders, appraisers, home stagers, CRM guru companies, closing attorneys.  Heck if you're building your business we are for you.
  • Anyone who realizes that we are NOT meant to do business alone and needs to find their tribe of like-minded badass women
  • Women with a side hustle who are looking for guidance on how to make this real estate thing a full-time gig
  • People looking for clarity on how to REALLY scale their real estate career to major profitability by learning what, when, and how to build your team
  • Women who want to know Why their broker didn't tell them this sh*t before?
  • People who feel overwhelmed or second-guess their next steps and would like a safe place to ask questions and find resources. 
  • Anyone who has thought about investing in masterminds or mentorship programs but hasn’t felt READY or feels like committing to traditional coaching isn't the right fit for them right now. 
  • Anyone who recognizes that sometimes what we've been taught in order to succeed needs to be tweaked and modified to fit us as real humans.

Our Community Was Built To Help Women Shatter Glass Ceilings and Walls…
Will You Pour A Glass of Wine and Answer The Call?


The number 1 answer we can give is this: It's broker agnostic.  Yep you read that right.  There's no pushing you to move to a specific spot.  You be You boo.

Years ago Joanne recognized that sometimes the girls just have different questions and issues than the men.  Sometimes we just need to know we're not alone at the top, or unapproachable to whoever needs help and guidance.  

The Real Boss Women community doesn’t just create a space for besties, but women that will genuinely talk you through how to do this business in all aspects and hold your hand as you try new ways to make it work (even when you’re ugly crying and doubting everything-we'll hand your a tissue and some mascara remover) 

ANY broker can teach you a listing presentation, or how to determine the value of a home.  But do they REALLY help you answer the burning question of how to time block with a baby on your hip?  Or do I REALLY need to work with a client that I just plain don't like?  How do I gracefully fire someone from my team and not be seen as a bitch in my office?  

Real Estate as a career isn't one size fits all and how to run it doesn't come from one book, one podcast, or one coach. It's not all about placing a sign in the yard, or where does my next lead come from.   

We don't go to the bathroom alone, so why would we run our businesses by ourselves?


It’s ONLY $199 per year.   GIRL! DO THE MATH!  that's less than your monthly Starbucks bill and WAYYYY less than a therapist.

I can't make you be successful. It's up to you to do that. The more you show up and engage, the more you'll get out of this. But at the end of the day Real Boss Women and it's founder Joanne Bolt cannot be held liable for your success. Oh, and we don't discriminate. This may be a club for the women, but if the men or anyone who identifies any way they choose want in they are welcome as well. The more the merrier. But I should also mention that while I'm not held responsible for any success or failures you have, I'm also not an attorney and nothing in the recorded video's are legal advice. Nor may you use them outside of your personal binge-learning experience.