Welcome to the business blueprint I wish I had when I started.

The one I craved, but didn't know how or what to search for. 



There's lots of books out there.  Tons of people whispering in your ear what to do to run a business.  Your gut says "there's got to be a better way.  The hustle mentality just isn't me".

I've got you boo.  I believe in having besties to support you.  To lend you their ear when you need it, offer guidance when they can...but ultimately cheer you on when you take those building blocks of building the biz YOU want and create the life you love.

You need to know which sh*t to keep around so I'm breaking it down for ya

Ohhhhh I need the deets On The Conference!
Mentorship+ Community? Chic Clique Info Please!
A Mentorship Subscription? Chic Clique Info Please!

Client Experience List Building

The client experience your people have starts WAAAAY before they ever work with you.  And continues on long after.

Yes, social media is a huge part of your business.  I agree with you there! In fact, it's the welcome mat into your world.  But when TikTok goes down, or Instagram Glitches give you the hives you need to know your biz can still thrive.  

Let's link arms and I'll walk you through how to grow your email list and use it to re-invigorate your audience, not repel them. Show me the size of your list, and I'll show you the size of your revenue.

Teach Me To List Build Jo!

Boss Up! With Canva

 Content creation has never been easier.  No money in your budget to hire a graphic designer?  No problem.  Got a designer and not sure where all the designs are stored?  Or how to take one and re-use it for other reasons?  No problem. 

Not sure what all you can even use Canva for except removing a background image?  I've got you covered. (but hey that's so basic I'm not even going to cover it in this course.  No need to waste your time or money, honey!)

Snag my exact plan on how my team and I use Canva on a daily basis to create content that we can re-purpose over and over and over again.  Hear and watch me explain how you can use the tools and tricks in your business too.  

Share What You've Learned With Me!



Besties Share Makeup, Clothing, Shoes.....and our favorite tips to creating the biz you love. 

Click the links and just like that the resources will be at your fingertips (or in some cases....your inbox). 

It's like having the Staples Easy Button at your fingertips.  Because who doesn't like things made simple?