The Myth of Overnight Success Debunked 




Joanne Bolt: 

Today we’re going to talk about the myth of the overnight success story.  I know you’ve been as guilty as me at looking at someone else and seeing what you believe are their overnight results.  Social media really makes this easy to do because you stumble upon someone doing what you're doing, or in the industry you’re in and suddenly you’re inundated with their current picture.  Their current success level is what you have access to right now, without diving into the previous years to see what it took for them to build to where they are.  And let’s be honest here-most of the people you’re watching aren’t ones you have immediate access to where you can pour a nice glass of wine, curl up on the couch and start gabbing to pick their brain.  Even if they’re in the same office as you-you most likely perceive them as unapproachable, just because you’re only looking at the now and where they are and forgetting that they started just where you are.  With nothing to take note of.   


As a result, what you tend to believe in that instance is that you’re not as good as they are because your journey isn’t taking off as quickly as it should be  You may even think you’ll never get to where they are because of perceived abilities, skill sets, or environments.(you all know what I mean here.  Thoughts like “she had a leg up in the industry because her mom is an insurance agent, or her husband does xyz).  It’s super easy to do this, and quite human in face.  However,   I want to encourage you to not let yourself go down that path, but instead to pick yourself up and remember that everyone starts somewhere.  The myth that it happens overnight is truly that: a myth, and as one of my friends recently reminded me: Comparison is the thief of joy.  When you spend too much time and energy comparing yourself to someone else, you’ll never enjoy where you are in YOUR journey.  


As I look back on my journey it’s actually been a long 20+ years to get to where I am today.  And during that time, the journey took several detours and sidetracks.  I started out as a solo Realtor back in 2003, and then left the industry altogether to run sorority recruitment for my Sorority, Sigma Kappa.  Exiting that world, I ventured back into Real Estate as an expansion owner who ran a team with agents in multiple offices and states. I bounced offices, and brokerages along the way-gaining new perspectives and experiences each time I did. 

 And now here I am at Real Boss Women running an organization that’s all for YOU-the women who are entrepreneurs at heart and need that support system to help get you to the next level


Every single part of my journey added to my knowledge, my skill set, and quite frankly my confidence.  I had no idea that when I was teaching the sorority women to run a successful recruitment event, that I was also learning the power of scripting with our words.  Or leadership and organizational skills that I need to this day to run my organization.  


So if you look at the now and see what level I’m at, you’d fail to see the late nights on college campuses, writing the playbooks and being nervous to stand up front and teach sorority conferences.  You won’t see the times I was in the trenches working with buyers and sellers as a Realtor, or even taking classes on how to be an effective speaker in front of people because I knew that’s where my real passion was.

You certainly won’t see the tears some of that caused, or the miles I put on my car.  The times I should have been at dinner with my family but were out with clients instead.  That’s not the pretty stuff, but it is what makes us who we are today. 


Here’s the part where you start asking how to get that success, if it’s not going to be overnight. 

The first thing I’ll challenge you to do is to get yourself in the room with the women you want to emulate. And that means getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Maybe those women you need to be surrounded by come from a large sales organization and can you hone some sales skills.  Or maybe she’s an attorney who can help you learn how to have some frank conversations with people that they may not want to hear.  (realtors you may need this in particular as you work with difficult sellers!).  When you walk into the rooms with those women you may feel insignificant.  You may feel like the bottom of the totem pole.  I encourage that-because the truth is when you reach the bottom of the totem pole you’re really at the top of the rung below.  So look down at where you started and be excited to move forward and move up. 


Everyone wants the easy button to achieve success.  It’s a natural part of being a human being.  My second challenge to you is to ask the women you emulate “who did you have to become to get where you are today?”.  Everyone evolves on our journey and the truth is if you’re working toward a goal that has results-and all goals have results- then sometimes you need to change your mindset about who you have to be in order to get there.  


I’ll give you an example.  I was speaking with a woman a few months ago who was super frustrated that her career hadn’t taken off like she expected.  To be fair, I believe she truly felt that she would get her real estate license and boom!  The clients would come flooding her door.  And that wasn’t what happened.  So she approached me and asked “how did I get to where I am today?”  


As we dived into her daily habits and activities to create her pipeline I discovered some very simple truths.  She wasn’t putting her full efforts into the business.  She was treating it like a very flexible side hustle, with the expectation that it would financially sustain she and her husband.  


So instead of telling her how I got here, I walked her through who she needed to become to have success in her industry.  She had to be willing to not sleep in until 10am, and to dedicate time each day to have sales calls.  She had to accept that her real job is to set appointments, not to show homes.  Because without appointments, there are no homes to show.  


Here’s the real secret to overnight success.  And I’m air quoting overnight because much like overnight oats for breakfast (which are delicious by the way) sometimes they are even better when they’ve soaked for more than 1 night.  The secret to succes lies in the mundane.  It’s the everyday activities that we repeatedly do so that we get better, get faster, get more efficient, and nail down the actions that actually create the business that will create the success.  


And i’m sorry to tell you that it just doesn’t come overnight. The next time you find that girl you think you want to be-go research her background.  Find out where she started.  Yes, she may be in year 1 of the same industry as you and she may be moving at a quicker pace-but it’s everything that came before she moved into the industry that created that ability.  IT’s all the skill sets she’s learned, the experiences she’s had…..and the mindset she came into it with .


Are you prepared to become the person  you want to be?  Have you fully considered what that takes and committed yourself to it?   I’d love you to DM me on instagram-my handle is @itsjoannebolt and tell me who you’re looking at their overnight success story and want to emulate.  And what steps you’re committing to take to get there.  

Next Tuesday I’ll be right back here with 2 of the most powerful women I know, whom I emulate on a daily basis.  Linzee Ciprani and Amanda Churchwell both started out as Real Estate agents over 10 years ago; each one of them pivoted to run companies that support that industry but they no longer sell real estate; and each one of them took a different path and journey to get to where they are.  But I guarantee you’ll hear some of the same things they struggle with are what you struggle with.  Some of the same steps they’ve had to take are ones you’re either currently taking, or considering taking.  Make sure you tune in for more entrepreneurial goodness, same time-same place.